Reflections on a Sabbatical in Jordan

Sabbatical is such a fantastic concept. If only we could easily adapt it for every sector of the workplace.
We are very, very fortunate to have been in Jordan for the Spring sabbatical months…and we know it. The chance to spend four months our of lives out of our comfort zone and out of our schedules was/is priceless. The ability to reflect – and not be planning for…something – is a gift. So…at the risk of getting personal in a public forum, here are some reflections:

- It was moving to witness Aaron being able to focus on research – uninterrupted – and get excited about it, and complete the research.
- Jordan – and the Levant – is a fascinating, complex, beautiful, at times – frustrating, dynamic place to live and visit. I learned a lot and look forward to continuing to learn…
- I have a really cool kid. Sorry – can’t verbalize it more eloquently. Even though the philosophical phase is driving me nuts, I admire and am awed by Noah’s curiosity, reason, creativity, and flexibility. The chance to spend so much time together as a family is truly a treasure.

I think we’re all ready to get back to routines and some familiar elements of our past life, but we’ll keep the memories of this time in Jordan close to us.

P.S. It IS possible to travel through the Middle East with a toddler….and enjoy it.


mamagnome said…
Aww, this is very sweet!