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30 Jan 2018 - Science Museum (NJB + NAB)

(by Noah)
Today we went to the Science Museum and it was awesome!  We walked in and went to a giant marble machine and played with it.  Then we went upstairs and we payed with magnets, sound waves, and electricity, and got shocked (it was very small currents). 

After that we went to the second floor, played this really hard game called Hanoi Tower, played
Plinko, and went through a mirror maze.  Then we heard a lecture from an astronaut named Tom Marshburn.  Then we went and ordered burgers and accidentally ordered burgers with 3 patties and mine had a fried egg on it.  That was the Science Museum.

(by Nate)
We went to the Science Museum in Jerusalem.  First we played around with a marble track.  Then we went upstairs and wielded lightening.  After that we hard a lecture by an American astronaut named Tom Marshburn.  It was a fun day.

(by CKB) Just filling in the blanks....this week is Space Week in Israel.  In honor of Space Week, the Bloomfield Science Museum was free to the publ…

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